HatCat Productions

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HatCat Productions is a one man indie game development gig. The purpose of this site is to showcase and provide information about our games, whether they be finished, in production or other.

This site is still in progress! Bear with us!

- hatonacat


October 16 2014

I've been putting a lot of work into Squire's Story Online recently, and I am hoping to put out a playable alpha next weekend from Friday October 24th to Sunday October 26th. Although there will be no PvP or trading, the game will still be fully playable (though buggy) and you'll be able to go to level 10 and explore the first island. More details later!

April 26 2014

Upcoming First Pixel Shooter update, version 3.0! It's been a while, but after a retrospective, I realized that, perhaps this game isn't all bad, and needs an update. Version 3.0 will be fully compatible with Windows 8, and the total file size will be much smaller than the previous full release. There will be some other additions, but the core game will remain.