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Squire's Story Online is a 2D topdown perspective MMORPG. It is built upon a previously unreleased game from late 2012 known simply as 'The Squire's Story'. 

The game is obviously not finished but is in a current state that provides countless hours full of content. You can mix and match your equipment, fight monsters, collect loot and rare items, buy and sell to other players, party with others for EXP, participate in a guild, chat, explore dungeons, upgrade jewelry, and more.

Premium content planned: Equipment, jewelery, etc. planned for premium purchases! Don't worry, we'll ensure that premium content isn't game breaking or overpowered, it will only provide an edge to players willing to donate to support the game. Visit paypal.me/hatonacat to donate. Until I have a system, email me at [email protected] with the amount donated, time and date, and your username - I'll be sure to add your funds in-game. $1 will convert to 100 silver in-game.

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Version 4

Coming soon

Version 3


Guild System added [beta]

Cleric job added

Access to Etheral

Access to Mystill

Player shops

Forest of Giants dungeon

Arc dungeon

New skills

Shields added

New quests

2nd Job Advancement

Level cap: 70

Version 2 


New class added, Hunter

Skill messages upon highlight

Skills can now be used with LMB

HUD transparency

EXP table drastically changed

Stat growth for all classes tweaked

Units added

Osisle - new island added

Quests added

Level cap: 40

Version 1


First public access to the game for the weekend